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The Beauty Bite: January 2011

Monday, 31 January 2011

Accessorize: With Love Merged Blusher - Starlet

Accessorize have certainly made quite the splash in the world of chemist cosmetics. Offering great quality products at purse friendly prices, I've become quite the fan since the brand's rather modest launch back in late 2010.

Amongst the pretty powders and pigmented polishes lie the true stars of the show - the gorgeously girly swirled baked blushers. The comparisons to MAC are obvious to all, yet costing only a mere snippet of the price - £5 compared to the £20.50 of a mineralize skin finish - these 8g pans are definitely worthy rivals.

Starlet applied to cheeks

Starlet is a delicious blend of rhubarb and custard toned glimmer which flawlessly adds both warmth and radiance when applied to the cheek. The colour itself is remarkably subtle and provides a relatively frost free finish. I absolutely adore the hint of pink it provides to the skin and applaud the general softness of the formula.

Priced at just a Fiver, I really think these goodies are worth the punt - after all, it's not often you get such great baked powders on the high street.

Accessorize Starlet Blusher is available from selected Superdrug stores nationwide and for £5.

*this product was purchased by the Beauty Bite*

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Sunday, 30 January 2011


Ah, February - the month of love!

To celebrates Cupid's favourite time of the year, the generous people at Eye Candy are giving one lucky Beauty Bite reader the chance to vamp it up for Valentine's!

Up for grabs are 1 pair of Natural Look Strip lashes, plus a gorgeous set of Eye Candy false nails - oh la la!

To enter is simple: just pop a message in the comments below - including your e-mail address - and tell us who your ultimate dinner date would be. Easy!

This giveaway is open to UK readers only (sorry!) and closes at 8pm on Thursday the 3rd February. The winner will be contacted privately and the prizes shall be sent out via the PR (so hopefully you should have the goodies by February 14th!)

Good luck everyone!

Eye Candy lashes and nails are available from selected Boots stores,, and Amazon. To learn more about the brand and it's products check out their facebook page here!

Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua SPF 15 Foundation

Several wonderful readers have messaged me about this product since I mentioned it over on Twitter last week. Just to let you know a review is coming very, very me, it's a good one!

Has anyone else picked up a bottle of this yet?!

Thursday, 27 January 2011

Phil Smith S.O.S Daily Defence 220' Blow Dry Cream

After discussing my hair woes earlier this month, I've been hugely enjoying the benefits of this rich and protective styling cream by budget friendly brand Phil Smith.

The process is pretty fool proof: simply apply a portion of product to damp hair, style as usual, and wow the world with your wonderfully glossy locks. I notice a HUGE difference after blow drying with this defence lotion, finding my hair stays both sleeker and fuller as the day goes on. When teamed with the S.O.S Shampoo and Conditioner, the overall state of my mane is vastly improved, feeling nowhere near as brittle or fried.

I'm incredibly lazy when it comes to styling products, mainly because I never seem to get the results I want. Daily Defence helps de-frizz dry ends and adds a generally more polished appearance to the hair. Although I wouldn't use this everyday - as a weekly treat or pre-party prep it definitely makes me feel a lot more confident within my locks.

Phil Smith S.O.S Daily Defence 220' Blow Dry Cream is available from selected retailers worldwide and for £3.99.

*this product was a free sample obtained by the Beauty Bite*

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Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Nars Babe Lipgloss

There's a woman eating a large batch of eggs on the telly and I'm finding it rather distracting; so please excuse this rather scatty review. Nars are a favourite brand of mine - and it seems Santa is pretty keen on them too after he left this goodie under the tree...

Babe lipgloss is a sheer orange based red that packs quite the punch. Deliciously glossy with vivid shine, right now this is as daring as a day time lip gets for me.

Babe Lipgloss swatched

Nars glosses are wonderfully comfortable, and although not completely non sticky, the formula itself is relatively tack free. I absolutely adore the brightness of this colour and am chuffed to find a gloss hard working enough to transform my heavily pigmented lips.

Babe Lipgloss applied to heavily pigmented lips

If you're already a fan of Nars' glosses then Babe will no doubt live up to your expectations. Santa certainly did a good job with this colour choice...I feel like a 21st century Joan Holloway!

Nars Babe Lipgloss is available from selected retailers worldwide for £17.50

*this product was purchased by Santa for the Beauty Bite*

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Monday, 24 January 2011

Maybelline The Falsies Black Drama Mascara

As the cosmetic market becomes positively saturated with fake lashes and their mascara based rivals, it seems the bigger brands are pulling out all the stops in order to provide even more money making must haves. The latest spin off comes from Maybelline, a company who promise an intense, matte black effect in just a single sweep of their spoon shaped brush...

I'll admit, I'm yet to try the original Falsies formula - which I guess makes this review somewhat redundant. Whilst Black Drama offers to provide the same false lash effect, the twist comes with the added bonus of carbon black fibres; an ingredient intended to deliver more depth and intensity, creating the ultimate dramatic night time look.



Although I have no major complaints regarding the brush or formula, I just can't seem to click with this mascara. Whilst it adds a great amount of length, my lashes tended to clump due to the rather wet texture of the blend. It holds up phenomenally well throughout the day and doesn't leave the hairs too brittle, but as far as an intense false lash effect goes? I don't think it's 100% there.

Whilst I enjoy wearing this throughout the day at work, I definitely wouldn't trade in my beloved YSL when it comes to creating those elusive evening eyes.

Maybelline The Falsies Black Drama Mascara is available from selected chemists worldwide and for £8.19

*this product was purchased by the Beauty Bite*

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Sunday, 23 January 2011

OPI & Katy Perry - Last Friday Night

If glittery nails are your thing then stop what you're doing now! Katy Perry's only gone and made every sparkle fanatic's dream...!

Last Friday Night is a limited edition glitter packed blue released exclusively as part of O.P.I's latest collaboration with Mrs Russell Brand. Thick to apply, the colour and sparkle take around 3 coats to achieve a desirable level of Las Vegas style glamour. The longevity isn't great, but for a special event, date night or evening out with friends it's the perfect party shade. I'm not a huge fan of glitter based varnishes - mainly because they're such a pain to remove - yet after sporting this formula for the last few days my mind has most definitely been swayed. Nice one, Katy!

Last Friday Night - 3 coats

Last Friday Night is available from selected OPI retailers and for £10.50

*this product was a free sample obtained by the Beauty Bite*

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Love & Toast Gin and Lime Lip Balm

Whilst the laws of society suggest 9 o'clock in the morning is perhaps far too early for drinking, most days I'm already liberally consuming my third Gin & Lime on the hazy commute to work. That is, consuming it ON MY FACE!

Love & Toast 'get' skincare. Beautifully packaged amongst a glory of bright colours and quirky visuals, you'd be hard pushed to find a more energetic brand when it comes to selling old faithfuls such as lip balm and hand cream. I'm absolutely addicted to this citrusy spirited affair, packed full of vitamin E, shea butter and olive oil to name but a few, these gorgeously tasty treats also double up as perfectly pretty presents for friends (cherry and lemonade flavour anyone). Free from petroleum, this balm is non greasy, ultra light and an absolute breeze to wear. Perhaps not the most intense product for winter, this will definitely be locked on my lips all spring, if not for the tingly taste and comfort, but the addictive glossy finish.

Come on then bar man, pour me another one!

Love & Toast Lip Balm is available in a variety of flavours from for £5.50 (reduced from £12)

*this product was purchased by the Beauty Bite*

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Thursday, 20 January 2011

Bare Escentuals bareMinerals Giddy Pink Blush

From now on call me Slow Coach.

Whilst other beauty boffins have been banging on about the marvels of Bare Escentuals for years, I've only recently joined the party - and when I say recently, I mean so long after the shindig started there's not even any place left for me to dump my coat. Trust me though, that's a good sign; after all, who wants to leave a good bash? Especially when that said bash concerns beautiful blushers like this....

Giddy Pink is something I could quite happily stare at for hours. I mean, just look at it - all bright and brazen without a care in the world. Whilst the colour vibrates shamelessly within it's pot, when applied to the skin a somewhat more gentle and silky personality is revealed. It's like the Beyonce and Sasha Fierce of the make up world - and I bloody love Beyonce.

Giddy Pink Blush (picture taken in darker light)

Made from 100% bare minerals, this blusher applies unbelievably smooth and even when buffed against the cheek. With a light hand the colour is both soft and radiant with a glowing baby pink glimmer, absolutely ideal for subtle sunny day shimmer. When layered slightly heavier, the tone's intensity deepens and transforms into a shade far closer to it's original pot shade. It's this simple versatility that makes this pink suitable for all colourings and complexions.

Giddy Pink Blush swatched

0.85g of product will last you a looooooong time; the smallest piece of powder will instantly provide warmth to the skin and for that reason alone you'll never find yourself wanting to use too much in one application. Although the pot would hugely benefit from a built in sifter (if only to make the blush more travel friendly), the colour holds up remarkably well throughout the day and adds the most beautiful sheen to the skin.

Whilst I may be incredibly slow to the party, as they always say - it's better late then never.

Now, where's the buffet? I got me some party rings to eat....!

Giddy Pink Blush is available from Bare Escentuals stores and stands worldwide, plus for £17.

*this product was purchased by the Beauty Bite*

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Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Caudalie Vinosource Moisturizing Cream Mask

"Hey, what's that on your face?"
"Caudalie's Vinosource cream mask. It feels pretty good."
"Sounds nice. What's the deal?"
"Quite simple. You just apply a thick layer onto the skin twice a week and leave it to work it's magic for around 15 minutes. When washed away the face is instantly softer, brighter and more even in tone. Although, those of you with really dry skin can use it as a daily repairing balm too."

"Nifty! How does it all work?"
"It's something to do with grape seeds and Omega vitamins - I don't really know, to be honest. I never listened in Science class because my teacher Clive was always too busy cracking up. He looked like Doctor Wheeto"
"So is it worth the money?"
"It's priced at £21.50 for 50ml which is fairly reasonable for a more high end brand. It's lovely to use, smells great, and certainly delivers what it sets out to do. From my experiences this winter I would most definitely repurchase again next year."
"So what's the point?"
"The point is to soothe and regnerate dry skin, which is very handy considering the cold weather we've been having lately."
"Thanks for the review, Michael Fish."
"My pleasure."

Caudalie Vinosource Moisturizing Cream Mask is available from selected retailers worldwide and for £21.50

*this product was purchased by the Beauty Bite*

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Sunday, 16 January 2011

A Hair History...

Skincare, I love. Cosmetics, I adore. But when it comes to hair I've never really know what works best for me. I chop and change every day regarding what colour I want; wondering if I should remain blonde, return to brunette, or venture into the world of red...

I'm at a complete loss. I'm unhappy with the way my barnet looks and don't quite feel like I've found my style yet. When I was a teenager my hair idol was Debbie Harry - I became obsessed with the messy, unbrushed, bed head look and repeatedly brightened my hair with half head highlights. I'm naturally a mousy blonde and loved adding a bit of oomph to my colouring. I stuck with this look for years - it was easy to manage, fun to dress up and, ultimately, young.

When I met my boyfriend everything changed. Dumbstruck in love I did a Jessica Simpson and decided to dye my sunshine locks brown in order to match my new beau. Big mistake. The home colour kit reacted badly with my salon treated hair and transformed my mane into a purple mess. I'd just started working at the BBC and had to leave the colour to settle in for over a week before my hairdresser could see me. Let's just say over those 7 days the question "what happened to your beautiful golden hair?!" was asked at least 3 times an hour.

After much discussing with my hairdresser we decided the best option was to dye my now nearly lilac toned hair dark brown. I was anxious as to whether of not the colour would wash me out and nervously starred back at my ever changing reflection. To my relief it worked amazingly well; the purple nightmare was washed away leaving glossy brunette locks. In a matter of seconds I instantly felt like a woman.

Whilst the brown hair looked amazing to begin with, the roots soon started to kick in - and that's when the problems began. Blonde roots on brunette tresses mainly come across grey - not a good look in any way shape or form. Having to step up my yearly dye count in order to tackle the problem, my barnet soon turned into a dried out, split end infested, protein weakened mess. It's a times like these I really wish I'd never started colouring it in the first place.

Reluctantly I went to the salon and had it all chopped off. Initially I hated it. In the space of 10 months I'd gone from a glossy beach blonde to a bobbed brunette; every time I looked in the mirror it felt as though someone new was starring back at me. My friends were openly split about my short do - some copied it, others claimed it made me look like a boy. I soon grew to love it; yet the growing out stages weren't the most chic period of my hair's life...

I'm now back to blonde; in fact, it's pretty much similar to how it was during my teenage years. I don't like it. At work when I catch my reflection it always looks dried out, flat on top, bushy on bottom and generally not well kept. I'm not sure where to go mainly because I don't know what suits me best. Has anyone else been in a complete and utter hair rut? How did you find your way out?!


The Beauty Bite Loves - Call It Beauty

Feasting on all things gorgeous, Dani - the brains behind one of my all time favourite blogs - is most certainly a lady of great taste.
Primarily a beauty blog, fans of fashion will also adore Call It Beauty's coverage of catwalk collections and movie star style. If you're a fan of old school glamour, vivid eye make up, and affordable yet hard working cosmetics then this blog is definitely one for you. Check it out!

All photos taken from Call It Beauty (main image

Do you have a beauty blog you love? Let us know in the comments below!


Thursday, 13 January 2011

Tattoo Brite

OK, so perhaps this isn't entirely the most "beauty" related of products, but those of you with tattoos will no doubt appreciate the properties of this ink enhancing lotion.

Tattoo Brite is an anti ageing SPF 20 cream that promises to both protect and brighten all types of skin art. Suitable for use all over the body, the technology works by sinking down to the skin's dermal level and hydrating the ink; this instantly causes greater clarity to the pigmentation leaving your tats looking both brighter and bolder.

Tattoo Brite swatched

The lotion itself is quite watery and quickly absorbs into the skin. When applied to a large black arm tattoo (around 13 years old) the colour intensity immediately became more prominent, resulting in several areas of sun damage to visibly darken. If you've got tattoos that are fading then this formula is a great fix. It won't provide a permanent result but when applied daily works fantastically well as both a sunscreen and protective measure against further discolouration. Available in original or sensitive skin, Tattoo Brite is ideal for summer body prep - after all, why gets tats if you're not going to show them off?!

*Several Beauty Bite readers have experienced problems ordering through the tattoobrite website, because of this we recommend purchasing your cream through Urban Outfitters.*

Tattoo Brite is available from Urban Outfitters (USA), Colette (Paris) and for $24.99

*this product was purchased by the Beauty Bite*

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Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Marks & Spencer Autograph Quad Blusher: Pink Mix

Marks and Spencer's are famed for many things: food, bras, wonderfully comfortable granny pants - but one thing that it's not instantly praised for is it's ever expanding cosmetic collection. With products ranging from a £1 upwards, like the clothing labels in store the make up range is too divided into sub-brands based on ingredients, packaging and over all general quality.

Back in December I picked up this delicious quad blusher from one of the more premium strands: Autograph. Presented in a weighty mirrored compact, this perfectly pink assortment comes complete with it's own hidden brush.

Moulded into 4 individual cubes, the colours range from a beautifully shimmery pink to a more muddy toned bronze. When swatched individually the shades apply heavily pigmented, yet when applied onto the face using the included brush it's hard to detect any tone at all.

The featured brush is pretty useless, quite simply because the talc powder doesn't cling very well to it's bristles. I decided to swap over to my ever trusted Bobbi Brown blusher brush and - yep, you've guessed it - the formula applies like a dream. Packed full of glimmer, yet free from glitter, I find this shade instantly adds both warmth and radiance to my cheeks. Perfect for cold winter mornings.

Pink Mix blusher applied using included brush

Retailing at £12, I actually think this product stands up well for it's price. The general feeling of the packaging is quite luxe and the blusher itself is neither too gritty or loose. It's by no means a high quality product; although the raised presentation reminds me of Givenchy, the formula does leave a bit to be desired. I get around 7 hours wear - enough to get me through a day at work - and for that I'm certainly not complaining. I genuinely love the subtle glow and sheen this quad leaves on the skin, and as far as my ventures into M&S make up go, I've repeatedly been very impressed.

Autograph Quad Blusher in Pink Mix is available from selected M&S stores nationwide and for £12.

*this product was purchased by the Beauty Bite*

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Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Rouge Bunny Rouge Gleaming Temptations Lip Gloss: Birthday Suit

Make up is a magical thing; a single brush of blusher and your complexion awakes, an elegant dash of eyeliner and you turn into a retro minx, lashings of lippy and all you want to do is strut - I for one can't resist the alluring joys of painting a face.

One brand that certainly embraces the magic is Moscow/London based company Rouge Bunny Rouge. Gathering a cult following amongst make up aficionados at a speed that would make even Usain Bolt tremble, cosmetics have never been so mysterious...

I'll be the first to admit I'm not the biggest fan of lipgloss. If the formula's not sticky then the colour's too light, if the colour's divine then the stickiness drives me wild - it's a never ending circle of bad buys. Whilst Lipstick Queen has been my gloss saviour for the past 15 months, Rouge Bunny Rouge may have just produced a formula worthy of trumping it.

The lovely team at Zuneta gifted me the shimmering nude shade of 'Birthday Suit': a sheer honey and beige nude packed full of delicate glimmer. At first glance I expected the vibrant peach tone to be far too warm against my cool complexion, yet the sheerness of the colour means even my heavily pigmented lips can rock an orangey nude. Who knew?!

Birthday Suit swatched

Containing vitamin E, this is easily the most comfortable gloss formula I've worn. Leaving my lips beautifully plumped and hydrated I found the colour to be one of the longest wearing I've come across too, giving several hours of glistening full coverage - even after a frappuccino.

Birthday Suit applied to heavily pigmented lips

I absolutely adore this product. The colour is a shade I would never have purchased myself and for that I've thoroughly enjoyed working it into my routine. Rouge Bunny Rouge is wonderfully luxurious to wear which - as you'd expect - is reflected in its price. At £20 for a 7ml tube, for some this will never be justified - however, if you're a Chanel junkie then it mightn't hit so hard.

Rouge Bunny Rouge Gleaming Temptations Lip Gloss in 'Birthday Suit' is available from for £20.

*this product was a free sample obtained by the Beauty Bite*

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Monday, 10 January 2011

Nude Detox Supplement

It's hard to make detox capsules seem exciting - after all, they're not the most charismatic of items. However, whilst a vibrant varnish or glistening gloss sits beautifully on the skin, dietary supplements promise to work a little deeper, cleansing the body in order to promote fresher skin and longer lasting energy. What these things lack in cosmetic excitement is most definitely balanced out via their toxin busting moves...

On January 1st I began taking Nude's Detox supplements; a probiotic, biocompatible treatment intended for use over 10 consecutive days. Taking 2 in the morning (on an empty stomach) followed by a further double at night (before your evening meal), I'm currently on day 9 of my capsule regime. I'm by no means a health freak - in fact, I would happily live off Pizza and Ice Cream if my body allowed it to - so I was somewhat anxious about what exactly to expect.

So far, I've been hugely impressed.

Smelling and tasting like tea, ingredients such as liquorice and ginger work together in order to support the digestive function and reduce water retention. I suffer hugely from built up H20 and often find my stomach bloated up to the size of a deluxe Winnebago. These tablets have definitely helped in this department, and for that I am hugely grateful; it makes a nice change to walk down the street without feeling like I'm carrying some sort of Evian baby.

My skin has also developed a rather fetching "inner glow" - something which I solely put down to Nude and Elemis' astonishing detox regimes. As for any other notable differences (ie: are there any crazy side effects)? My weights dropped 3lbs and I've honestly had more energy than I can remember. Seriously, I've never been one for dietary supplements before but I actually feel really good - something that's thoroughly surprised me.

Nude's Detox Supplements are sadly soon to be discontinued (the company are cutting their body range to focus 100% on face based products), which means you can pick up a tub of 80 capsules for a nifty £9.50. Plus, as a special deal for Beauty Bite readers, all orders placed before January 17th will come with a free travel sized (15ml) Cleansing Facial Oil. Bargain!

If you're currently riding a New Year health trip then these tablets are definitely something to look into. I'm certainly going to be rocking this regime again in a few months.

Nude Detox Supplements are available for a limited time at for £9.50

*this product was purchased by the Beauty Bite*

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Sunday, 9 January 2011

Elemis Anti-Ageing Detox Regime

Whilst new year sees many focus on their body in terms of detoxification, Elemis have launched their own 14 day set designed exclusively for skin. Containing 5 anti ageing products intended to replenish and repair all complexions, I've been trialling the range for the past week in order to keep my make up free face positively glowing...

Containing cleanser, eye cream, moisturiser, brightening scrub and a duo of facial oils, this quintet is skincare made simple. Presented neatly in a cardboard box, I've thoroughly enjoyed having a routine laid out for me - after all, who loves faffing around in the bathroom when you've already over slept for work?

Pro Radiance Cream Cleanser is, quite simply, a delight to use. It pumps out of the bottle with a airy foam consistency and lathers beautifully against the face. Containing high levels of both Moringa Seed Peptide and anti-oxidants, this formula is ideal for dehydrated skin. Not once has it left my face feeling tight or oily after use - I highly recommend this to anyone whose skin is prone to feeling stripped of moisture.

Intended to be used two times a week, Papaya Enzyme Peel is a non abrasive exfoliation cream designed specifically for sensitive and mature skin. It most certainly gave my complexion added radiance after each use, yet I wouldn't say I noticed any added benefits when compared to my current scrub. I've handed over the remaining product to my mother to test out how it works on older skin - I'll keep you updated!

Without a doubt my favourite products featured within this kit are the AM and PM Cellular Recovery Skin Bliss Capsules. Pink Rose for morning and Lavender for night, I adore everything about these beautifully scented oils. Simply tear off the capsule's tip, warm the product up between your palms and gently massage into the face. They soak in at a relatively speedy pace meaning you can leave the house with a delicate gentle sheen as opposed to a full on greasy aura. These were hands down my skin saviour throughout the Beauty Bite detox; instantly adding glow and radiance to my somewhat lacklustre complexion.

The moisturising Pro Collagen Marine Cream is the one item I feel slightly cautious reviewing. It felt incredible when dried, leaving my cheeks unbelievably silky to the touch - yet the rich formula is perhaps a little too strong for my young skin. It claims to reduce wrinkle depth by up to 78% in just 14 days, however my lack of lines mean I couldn't comment on whether on not that statement is true. As a moisturiser I loved it, I just wish I was able to discuss it's anti ageing credentials in greater depth - sorry!

Pro-intense Eye and Lip Contour Cream is most definitely one of the real gems included within this pack. Over the past 7 days my under eye area has visually appeared both smoother and brighter, something I hugely appreciate more due to my overwhelming lack of mascara. Again, this formula comes with stunning anti ageing claims which I don't feel suitable to comment on - however I would most certainly repurchase this cream, quite simply because it doesn't irritate my hyper sensitive skin.

I think this set is genuinely a great idea; the products work in harmony with one another and promise to offer visible results over a relatively short period of time. As someone in their twenties I feel a lot of these formulas true selling points may be lost on me, yet as far as a week of skin detoxing goes I am positively thrilled with the final result. If you're someone who is looking for more advanced anti ageing skincare, this regime is a fantastic way of trialling some of Elemis' most raved about products at a mere fraction of the price.

Elemis Anti Ageing Detox Regime is available from for £35

*this product was a free sample obtained by the Beauty Bite*

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Wednesday, 5 January 2011

The Beauty Bite Detox: Marie

If you like things natural then you'll love the beautiful Marie's blog - Embracing all things suitable for sensitive skin, she also makes and sells her own soaps; amazing! Here she is in all her stunningly natural glory talking about the joys of going make up free:

"This is me, so here I am! :) I don't feel too squirmish about putting a photo of me without any makeup out there because I really don't wear much anyway since I've got rosacea- the irritation won't allow for much. I think that more people, especially young people, should see more photos of REAL people and not with all that air-brushing, photo-shopping, dyeing, botox, plastic surgery, or cakes of make-up- It's just not real! "


Tuesday, 4 January 2011

The Beauty Bite Detox: Charlie

I was thrilled when one of my all time favourite bloggers and general super woman, the gorgeous Charlie from Lady Of The Lane, agreed to have a go at the Beauty Bite detox. Here she is talking about her fresh faced experience:

"I very rarely go make up free, for the simple reason that I’m rarely blemish free. I’m going to try doing a couple of days and see how I can get on, I suspect I can do without everything except concealer. I adore make up, I not only use it to make myself look better (in my opinion) but also as a ritualistic thing. As a Mum I don’t get much time to myself. Virtually none at all in fact, but for half an hour every morning while my husband sorts out the kids breakfast, its just me, my make up and a mirror and it’s peaceful and calming and it’s ME time. I’m not overly thrilled at the prospect of giving that up! I doubt I’ll last a week but let’s see!"


Monday, 3 January 2011

The Beauty Bite Detox: Jenny

The beautiful Jenny from My Funny Valentine has bared all in aid of the Beauty Bite detox. Check out her fantastic blog for detailed reviews and swatches - honestly, we know this week is all about rocking make up free but Jenny wears a red lip like a pro!

Here's what the lady herself had to say about her fresh faced day:

"I went a day without makeup on the Sunday. I haven't gone barefaced for an entire day since I started taking a serious interest in makeup 2-3 years ago. To be honest, I always feel naked without eyeliner, and slightly panicked without my brows filled in so I did feel a little uncomfortable to begin with. By the end of the day I started noticing that my skin actually didn't look too bad without foundation, and that no one was running away from me in fear, so that I was nice."


Sunday, 2 January 2011

The Beauty Bite Detox: Katie

A huge thank you to the incredibly lovely and radiant Katie from My Lips But Better for taking part in the Beauty Bite Detox. If you haven't checked out her amazing blog then do so now - trust us, it's a gem!

Remember, if you want to join in then simply send a make up free picture of yourself to - a celebration of the skin we're in!


Saturday, 1 January 2011

The Beauty Bite Detox: Me

And so it begins...

Day 1 of my 7 day make up detox has officially kicked off!

Being a complete skincare junkie I don't feel too freaked out facing the world without foundation - it's actually the lack of mascara that's sending my insecurities racing. I'm due to start a new TV job this week, (anyone who works in TV will know just how glamorous some people in the office like to take things) so yes, I no doubt guarantee I will feel horribly uncomfortable come my first day.

I'm not quite sure what I expect to learn from this week - perhaps nothing - but anything that could help me accept my own skin a bit more is definitely a good thing.

Happy New Year everyone! I feel hungover.