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The Beauty Bite: Tommy Guns Jasmine & Wild Nettle Haircare

Saturday, 19 February 2011

Tommy Guns Jasmine & Wild Nettle Haircare

Like most people, my hair seems to take on a life of it's own during the winter months; the combination of cold brisk winds and stuffy central heating sure as hell don't make a happy barnet! I've been desperately trying to quench my follicles thirst by switching to Tommy Guns' latest range of Jasmine and Wild Nettle Haircare, a blend designed specifically for brittle, coloured manes.

The shampoo itself smells delicious and certainly adds to my longing for spring. Sporting a very countryside aroma this refreshing scent doesn't linger too heavily on the hair when rinsed out, which in general makes this a great uni-sex product. Working up to a slight lather, the formula doesn't feel at all slick or greasy and is easily washed away in a matter of moments.

The conditioner - complete with the added bonus of Sweet Almond - not only smells delicious but also leaves my hair feeling super, super silky soft when removed. It too is easy to rinse out and doesn't cling leaving any greasy residue near the roots.

Once dried my hair felt nourished and hydrated, yet perhaps not as shiny and voluminous as I like. However, in a strange turning of events, my barnet actually looked better on the SECOND day after washing - so good in fact I actually shouted "WHAT THE WHAT?!" when greeted with my reflection. It's fair to say my boyfriend said something patronising in response.

In general this is a good winter hair care saviour, particularly if you're finding the dryness is causing random strands to knot and tangle. Whilst I wouldn't pick this to prep my hair before a big night out, Jasmine & Wild Nettle certainly makes my day-to-day style simple, soft and natural. If you're looking to put a bit of TLC back into your routine than this is a sweetly smelling way of doing so.

Tommy Guns Jasmine and Wild Nettle shampoo is available from waitrose and for £5.50

*this product was a free sample obtained by the Beauty Bite*

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