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The Beauty Bite: Veet Hair Minimising Body Moisturiser

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Veet Hair Minimising Body Moisturiser

I hate hair removal. It's always a pain and takes too long. Whilst I reguarly fall in and out of love with my ultra snazzy epilator, I often find myself crawling back to the trusted razor and soap if I need smooth legs fast. And before anyone mentions waxing, lets just say I had a wonderfully bad experience which only time and chocolate cake can heal. Lots and lots of chocolate cake.

Veet's Hair Minimising Body Moisturiser launched back in spring, promising to both noticeably slow down hair regrowth whilst keeping skin silky smooth and soft. I was fortunate enough to blind test the product a month before it's official release, applying the lotion liberally to one leg each and every day for 4 weeks straight. Unaware of either the company or claims behind the formula I honestly recorded my results comparing the hairs on my left and right leg for overall texture, density and thickness.

Veet Hair Minimising Body Moisturiser swatched/ rubbed in

Whilst my hair undoubtedly grew back, the leg which was treated daily to a burst of Veet Moisturiser felt noticeably smoother thanks to its softer, finer hairs. This product won't enable you to only shave once a month, but it does make the regrowth process less obvious, not to mention the skin on your legs miraculously smooth to the touch. Priced at £4.99 for 250ml, this is a handy product to have in your hair removal arsenal - if only for it's wonderful moisturising properties. Quick absorbing and moderately time saving, it's definitely been one of my top summer lotions.

Veet Hair Minimising Body Lotion is available from chemists nationwide and for £3.33 (rrp £4.99)

*this product was a free sample obtained by the Beauty Bite*



At Wednesday, August 10, 2011 , Blogger Diana Savickaja said...

hmm.. interesting... I've got a little sample of this which I need to try out!


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