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The Beauty Bite: Une Healthy Glow Mineral Powder

Monday, 9 May 2011

Une Healthy Glow Mineral Powder

Since launching back in 2010, Une Cosmetics have most certainly gone from strength to strength. With 99.5% of the products ingredients sourced from natural origins, it's safe to say this range offers some of the most eco friendly formulas to ever grace the shelves of your local Boots.

HO1 and H04

On initially seeing the items in the flesh, I was instantly drawn to the ultra sheer, ultra light finish of the Healthy Glow Mineral Powders. Packaged in the brand's signature sliding palettes complete with mirrored lids, these 7.5g complexion enhancers are available in a spectrum of shades designed to either bronze, lift or glow.

HO1 and HO4 heavily swatched

H01 is perhaps my favourite of the bunch; a gorgeous light peachy pearl ideal for adding a burst of all over radiance to the face. Whilst it contains shimmer, the particles are small enough to go unnoticed, mainly due to the fact you only need to apply a very light layer to the skin. For those of you with cool toned pale complexions this powder will absolutely work a treat, but do be cautious if your colouring pulls more warm - it doesn't take much to cause this formula to appear dusty.

H01 and HO4 applied to face (H04 on apples of the cheeks only)

H04 is a subtle orange coral light enough to be used as either a blush or contour. A quick dusting to the cheeks offers a remarkably natural warmth to the face, essential if you're chasing that ever elusive sun-kissed glow. Easily built up to increase it's pigmentation, HO4 is a brilliant choice for light to medium skin tones, mainly thanks to it's versatility in terms of ways it can be worn.

Extreme close up of products applied to cheek

Priced at £14.49 these powders certainly don't come cheap. Whilst the brand's organic and eco credentials undeniably set them apart from the masses, I worry many consumers may struggle to swallow the higher costs, especially when surrounded by such cheaper alternatives in store.

In general I like these powders. Although the texture can become somewhat chalky on application, a quick blending with a soft brush smooths out any kinks and leaves the skin looking both beautifully polished and glowy for several hours. If you like your make up light and natural then Healthy Glow Mineral Powders should most certainly make their way into your stash.

Une Healthy Glow Mineral Powders are available from selected retailers and for £14.49

*these product were purchased by the Beauty Bite*

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At Monday, May 09, 2011 , Blogger Delyteful Speaks said...

I only used UNE products once when a makeup artist used it on me for a wedding and I was blown away but the foundation.. It was amaazing.. And ever since,I've been dying to get my hands on their products.. And it was only last week that they launched it here in Dubai.. So I'm definitely experiment with this brand..

Great post hun.. Thanks

At Monday, May 09, 2011 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

You look lovely! I love how your skin looks here, but I know you have great skin anyways :D

I really need to try more products from Une, but the products look.. I don't know... kinda boring and overpriced compared to other 'inexpensive' brands? I've been wondering for a while now how well they are selling. Whenever I am at Superdrug or Boots (which is quite often haha), I never see anybody in front of the Une section D:

At Tuesday, May 10, 2011 , Blogger Nomadic D. said...

I live in Spain and there's an Une section at the department stores here, and I was drawn to the natural look and feel of the line but have never tried anything. Now I'm even more curious. Would love to hear about more of their products if you get a chance.


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