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The Beauty Bite: OSMO Extreme

Thursday, 12 May 2011

OSMO Extreme

Having over processed and weakened hair makes styling somewhat of a mission impossible in my experience. Whilst some formulas weigh down the roots and fluff up the tips, it's hard to find a texture that not only performs well but also appears relatively untraceable. For the last few weeks I've been trialling two products from professional label OSMO: Resin Extreme Glue, a high performance gel for hold, and Extreme Xfirm Glue Spray, a styling mist designed to maintain shape whilst adding shine.

Testing the items on as many hair types as possible - thick, thin, long, short, straight, curly - whilst it was obvious some styles better suited specific products, in general both OSMO formulas stood up well. Possessing an extremely neutral scent, this British company have hit the nail on the head when it comes to unisex formulas. After all, it's kind of nice to have a product on the bathroom shelf everyone can share.

Resin Extreme Glue excels in short hair, making it the perfect candidate for those of you with pixie crops. When applied to a wet barnet and styled with a hair dryer, it's literally effortless to create a whole spectrum of looks and textures. Once locked into position the hair itself doesn't feel overly tacky or greasy, which instantly makes me favour this method more than applying directly into dry hair. Tested on a man with a thick and curly mane, the resin managed to hold a smooth and straight quiff for 9 hours straight.

For longer locks I'd recommend the the Xfirm Glue Spray. This slightly heavier scented mist is ideal for creating messy beach waves by simply using a crunching motion with your fingers whilst blasting under a hair dryer. Though you need to be cautious with how much product you apply (if you get too spray happy then hair will become sticky) this spray really is a fool proof way of adding a burst of shine and hold to your look - which for styling novices like me is a very good thing indeed. Whilst I didn't find the results lasted as long as the Resin's, over all I felt relatively pleased with both the effect and stamina of the product.

If you haven't already looked into OSMO's ranges before then I'd highly recommend a browse.

OSMO's Extreme Styling Range is available from selected retailers priced at £7.25 upwards. Check out to find your nearest stockist.

*these products were a free sample obtained by the Beauty Bite*



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