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The Beauty Bite: Forest Secrets Skincare

Sunday, 6 March 2011

Forest Secrets Skincare

It's fair to say that since discovering my beloved Nude Advanced Cellular Renewal formula last summer, when it comes down to skincare I've very much become a serum girl. One company that are offering a truly innovative and personalised take on the genre is Forest Secrets - a natural skincare company created by Dr. Barbara Olioso.

Working as a two step routine, the flexible system allows you to pick and mix your very own blends of serum and oil in order to cater for your skin's current needs - a heaven sent idea if ever I saw one. I've been playing around with these gorgeously presented glass bottles for the last few months and have quite literally fallen head over heels...

Step One of the iRejuvenate duo is Lifting Pro Youth Face Oil - a quick absorbing, lightly textured oil designed to firm the skin and stimulate collagen production. Suitable for use on all skin types, the Forest Secrets Website itself features a rather in-depth guide to usage depending on your complexions overall needs and wants.

Step Two is the work of Regenerating Skin Serum - a cooling and refreshing blend intended to hydrate the skin, calm facial redness and minimise dark circles. This is without a doubt my favourite of the two stages. Whilst those of you in search of anti-aging properties may want to favour Youth Pro in your personalised mix, I often opt for 3 parts Serum to 1 part oil - a combination that keeps my complexion effortlessly fresh and radiant.

1 drop oil and 1 drop serum

So has it made a difference? Yes. Throughout these winter months being able to quickly whip up new formulas in order to target my skin's daily problems has been eye openly refreshing. It took a while to get my personalised oil to serum ratio spot on, but after a few days usage I was able to visually see which mixes were reacting best with my skin. In general both products are relatively quick absorbing and don't feel at all clogging on the pores; a problem I've encountered many times before with the use of facial oils.

Overall I've been hugely impressed with this range and highly praise the idea of personalised skincare. The bottles themselves are beautifully presented and would make ideal gifts for very special female friends and family. Although the system is pricey (each 30ml bottle cost £37.70 individually, or £68 when purchased as a pair) Forest Secrets sells a far more purse friendly Try Me Range consisting of two 3ml samples for £8. I would recommend this before any bigger purchases in order to get a feel of the formulas. 3mls might not sound like a lot but they should last you at least a week of twice -daily use.

Forest Secrets skincare is available from - which also features in depth guides to the products usage and ingredients.

*this product was a free sample obtained by the Beauty Bite*



At Sunday, March 06, 2011 , Blogger G A B Y said...

These products look really interesting, but I have never heard of this brand before. The packaging is gorgeous though!


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