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The Beauty Bite: August 2010

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

No7 Limited Edition Smoky Eyeliner

Smoky Eyes are definitely one beauty look that seem to be eternally on trend. So, as part of their seductive new Autumn range, No7 have reinvented their wheel and produced a unique powder based sponge liner: ideal for taking that sooty smouldering effect to new levels of depth.

Sleek, slim and easy to style, the small but seriously awesome sponge picks up just the right amount of product for sexy, sweeping, smoky smudginess (Wow. that sentence was S crazy!) On our first go at using this product, we'd be lying if we said the application wasn't a tad messy. However, once you've obtained a feel for the formula, we actually found this powder smoother to apply than most standard liner pencils.

No7 Smoky Eyeliner swatched using the wide side of the sponge/ tip of the sponge

If you're someone who hasn't quite mastered the fine art of liquid liner than this certainly makes a brilliant alternative. However, it's not as long lasting as the majority of pencils and gels we've tried, so you may find a primer is needed to achieve a more durable look.

Simple to apply, simple to smudge, and simple to smoke - this pretty powder is only available in stores until October 5th.

No7 Smoky Eyeliner is available at Boots stores for £10. (or just £5 with your No7 voucher.)

*this product was a free sample obtain by the Beauty Bite*


Monday, 23 August 2010

Paw Paw Salve

As far as secret weapons go, you can't get much better than this:

Yes, Paw Paw Salve is the little miracle that has not only saved our chapped lips, chapped hands, chapped cheeks and chapped neck (we're not sure how this happened either...), but also transformed our nails and cuticles into what must be their best condition EVER.

If you're someone who easily feels the drying effects of colder weather on all areas of your skin, then this nifty little tube is certainly a hand bag essential; not to mention it's also great for soothing small patches of eczema.

At only £3.79 a tube, who knew fermented fruit would be so coveted?

Paw Paw Salve is available from selected retailers worldwide, including The Paw Paw Store - a UK based company who deliver internationally.

*this product was purchased by the Beauty Bite*


Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Face Value

Make up: a liberating weapon or simply an insecure mask? It seems the more people who discover our love for cosmetics, the more questions we face over our motives; "Why?", "Isn't that all a bit shallow?", "Aren't there better things you could spend your energy on?"

Whatever, Trevor!

It left us wondering how all you Beauty Biters feel about other people's comments towards your cosmetics? Are you someone who can't leave the house without a bit of slap? Do you wear layers of product loud and proud? Do you slightly cringe when someone points out your handy work? In a day and age where women are expected more and more to look "flawless", is it actually now a social taboo to admit you try and make an effort? We'd love to know your thoughts.

The Beauty Bite

Friday, 13 August 2010

Chanel Rose Dentelle Rouge Coco

Friday the 13th may be unlucky for some, but most certainly not for Chanel fans. Today finally saw the UK launch of their highly anticipated autumnal collection; featuring the much blogged about Paradoxal. Amongst the glittery blushes and sultry varnishes stands two new lip-shades, one of which being the stunning Rose Dentelle Rouge Coco.

Somewhat similar to Chintz (also launched today) when swatched, Rose Dentelle comes across far pinker when applied directly to lips. Containing tiny particles of silver and lilac shimmer, the finished result is an extremely happy medium between glossy and glimmer - making an extremely wearable shade indeed.

When it comes to the formula, what else can we say? This product is Chanel - and that mean's one thing: great quality. Long lasting, non-drying and extremely comfortable to wear, if you're already a fan of Rouge Coco then Rose Dentelle will certainly not disappoint.

Rose Dentelle swatched

Moderately opaque when layered, we found this colour to be pretty good at covering our heavily pigmented lips.

Rose Dentelle applied to heavily pigmented lips

All in all, Rose Dentelle meets every expectation you'd have in a Rouge Coco lip colour. If you're comfortable spending over twenty quid on a lipstick, then this is certainly one to have in your collection.

Chanel Rose Dentelle Rouge Coco is available for a limited time from Chanel counters nationwide priced at £21.50.

*this product was purchased by the Beauty Bite*


Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Beauty Break!

Ah summer! Whether you're taking a few days at home, jetting off to sunnier climes, visiting family or 'avin it large with friends, we all know one things for sure - a trip out of town means a trip away from the make up stash (Aw man! We hate making decisions!).

Our break this year is the Edinburgh Festival. A full on working holiday, our packing needs to take on several levels to ensure we're covered for all possibilities (flyering, performing, interviews, feeling so exhausted we want to cry). So asides from the all important sun screens, shampoos and straighteners, which other goodies managed to make the "final cut"...

- Bobbi Brown Long Wear Creme Shadow in Sandy Gold
- Armani Face Fabric Radiance Foundation (for night)
- Nars Larger Than Life Mascara (for night)
- Clinique Lash Power Mascara (for day)
- Lipstick Queen Medieval
- Armani Face Fabric Blush (sample size)
- Max Factor Eye Shadow
- Bobbi Brown Corrector
- Lancome Juicy Tube (sample size)

- Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer SPF20
- Bobbi Brown Highlighter Pen in Rose
- MAC Blush in Peaches
- Vaseline
- Eyelash Curlers

In all honesty, we kind of like being limited in our choices. Not only do we find that a restricted group of products results in us wearing less slap, it also encourages us to try new looks and use more of items we often forget about back home.

When it comes to fuzz free skin, we make sure to always epilate before we go ( who wants to shave when there is relaxation to be had?) Our beloved machine of 5 years has recently given up on us and this summer we're incredibly keen to get our hands on one of the new Philips Satin Perfect. (You can learn more about Philips and their satin perfect epilators here.)

Here's what the brand itself has to say about it's sleek, hair removing marvel:

The new Philips Satin Perfect has an extra-wide head which enables it to removes more hair in one stroke, giving you long-lasting smoothness, faster. Its high performance discs are made of textured ceramic material, which gently grip and remove even finest hairs.

If you haven't tried using an epilator before we really couldn't recommend them enough - just make sure to exfoliate!

So now all that's left to do is pack, reach our destination, and enjoy our very own Beauty Break. What stuff do you swear by for your holiday look?

*this product was written by the Beauty Bite and sponsored by Philips Satin Perfect -*

Monday, 9 August 2010

Mascara Wars - The Champion!

So, after a fierce 24 hour battle a victor has finally emerged. Ladies and Gentlemen, please applaud our very worthy winner: picture number 6 - YSL Faux Cils!

Check out our full review by clicking here!

In second place was picture number 1 - the fantastic Maybelline Lash Stiletto Voluptuous.

Check out our full review by clicking here!

Third place went to picture number 3 - Max Factor's somewhat-boring-but-ultra-effective Lash Extension; perfect for those of you who love the natural look.

Check out our full review by clicking here!

Fourth place was taken by the most expensive mascara on our list: Picture number 4 - Chantecaille Faux Cils.

Check out our full review by clicking here!

In fifth place was Picture 5 - a rather disappointing offering from the otherwise fantastic Clinique with their High Impact mascara.

Check out our full review by clicking here!

And in last place was picture number 2 - Avon's Astonishing Lengths.

Check out our full review by clicking here!

Surprised? Shocked? Did the right wand win? Thanks to everyone who voted - we love hearing your thoughts!


Sunday, 8 August 2010

Mascara Wars!

Mascara: to begin with we might be looking to fix different things, but when it comes to the end results we all crave for our lashes to look no-less than incredible. Over the last 2 months we've taken 6 different products, applied them to our eyes and let the proof be in the pictures. Which are your best and worst?

In the words of PJ and Duncan - let's get ready to rummbllleeee!








Saturday, 7 August 2010

Nude Skincare - Smoothing Body Refiner

OK - so we know we said we'd only review this all over body gel when we hit the end of the bottle, but after just two weeks of use the results have been so incredible that we thought it would be rude not to share.

Designed to target areas prone to cellulite, this cooling lotion actively helps break down the build up of fat cells leaving skin softer, firmer and visible smoother.

In just 14 days this product has helped us lose 1/2 inch off our upper arms and 2/3 inch off our thighs. Not only is our skin noticeably smoother, but any areas of cellulite have most certainly been reduced. Suitable for use on dry, sensitive, normal, combination and oily skin, this is a great problem fixer for every age. Quick drying, easy to apply and beautifully scented - if you're off on holiday and need one last aid to get you beach confident, then this really is boot camp in a bottle.

As promised, we'll write a more in depth article in a couple of weeks, but right now we're once again bowled over by the impressive results of Nude Skincare. Without a doubt one of the best beauty brands in the world.

Nude Skincare Smoothing Body Refiner can be purchased at selected stores worldwide and at £38 for 200ml. * is currently offering a buy one get one free deal when the code SLIMDOWN is used at checkout.*

*this product was purchased by the Beauty Bite*

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Thursday, 5 August 2010

By Terry Touche Veloutee Highlighting Concealer

In the world of modern day make up, Terry De Gunzburg has a lot to be thanked for - after all, we're sure most of you swear by her most iconic cosmetic creation: the international best selling Touche Eclat. Taking over 3 years to gain approval from the team at YSL, De Gunzburg's idea was repeatedly branded "crazy" due to the product's consistency fitting neither that of a concealer or foundation. It was only when she was finally promoted to International Marketing Director that she was able to back the scheme and present the world with make up via a click pen - a concept that had yet to be done. Given no advertising budget, De Gunzburg took it upon herself to travel the globe showing beauty journalists her groundbreaking creation. And as our make up bags now know, the rest is history...

It's because of this astonishing story that we can say - hand on heart - that De Gunzburg's very own take on her 1992 wonder product is even better than the original. Using soft focus pigments, Touche Veloutee is a nourishing botanical affair that both plumps and lifts the under eye. It's light reflecting particles create true radiance and allow even the most sleepy of complexions to be soothed and awakened. Suitable for use on all areas of the face, we swear by this product for instant, flawless pick-me-ups.

By Terry Touche Veloutee in Porcelain swatched/blended

Containing a massive 6.5ml of product (Touche Eclat holds 2.5ml for an rrp of £24), this sleek silver pen will literally last you months of daily use. Fitted with a sturdy attached brush, it's large size allows the entire under eye to be concealed with just one swish, making application both simple and speedy. Available in 3 shades (Porcelain, Cream & Beige), the texture is luxuriously creamy, smooth when dried, and completely seamless to blend.

By Terry Touche Veloutee in Porcelain applied to under eyes.

Since the age of 14 we've sworn by Touche Eclat, yet since this came into our lives that seductive golden pen hasn't tempted us once. Offering superb coverage, unbeatable radiance and a delicious scent - Ms De Gunzburg is certainly a miracle worker when it comes to the under eyes. If you love your YSL pen then definitely check this out. After all, who can rival it better than the woman who created it?

By Terry Touche Veloutee is available from selected retailers worldwide and for £29.

*this product was purchased by the Beauty Bite*

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Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Nars Strawberry Fields Lip Gloss

We are in love.

Nars Strawberry Fields Lip Gloss

Packed full of colour and pigment, this practically opaque gloss is literally bursting at the seams with vibrancy. Deep pink in tone, Strawberry Fields is highly glossy whilst being completely glitter free - the ideal combination for working this Autumn's trend of modern day vintage (1950's cosmetics were completely shimmer free fact fans!).

Nars Strawberry Fields Lip Gloss swatched

Perhaps turning more Raspberry than Strawberry when applied to the lips, those of you with less pigmented pouts will probably find the colour stands a bit brighter than that shown on the photo below. To wear, Nars have made yet another glorious gloss which is non-tacky, long wearing and virtually taste free. Honestly, there are few glosses we've tried this year that feel half as creamy and moisturising as this little punnet of berry inspired beauty.

Nars Strawberry Fields Lip Gloss applied to heavily pigmented lips

The colour is definitely bold to say the least; but not so bright you'd feel self conscious wearing it throughout the day. However, it's extremely rich in tone so if you're someone who usually prefers sheers or nudes then this is probably to be passed.

An absolute pleasure to wear and a real confidence booster - Strawberry Fields are most certainly forever.

Nars Strawberry Fields Lip Gloss is available from counters worldwide and for £17

*this product was purchased by the Beauty Bite*

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Sunday, 1 August 2010

Nars Douceur Blush

OK, so here's the deal: this blush is strictly limited edition. We mention this because if, like us, those 6 syllables send your body racing with thoughts of "What if it's the best blusher ever? Will I need to stock up? If so, how long do I stock up for? A year? 5 years? The rest of my life? I can't afford to stock up on a blusher for the rest of my life..." then hopefully this review with give you some sense of comfort.

That is, unless it makes you want it even more.

Douceur is a sheer gorgeous soft pink mixed with light brown undertones. Definitely less pigmented than the vast majority of Nars' blushes, what this product may be lacking in depth is certainly made up for in it's incredible quality. Unbelievably smooth to apply, this powder is swiftly layered from a barely-there-subtle appearance, to a slightly punchier flushed effect.

Although the colour may come across as quite pink when presented in the pan, once swatched it translates into a more neutral, if somewhat dirty looking tone. Don't let that put you off, though - just one swish really makes the skin glow and works to create a truly natural healthy effect.

Nars Douceur blush swatched

As expected the colour holds up extremely well throughout the day and the divine matte finish sits equally beautifully over a cream or powder base. However, the depth of the blush means this is possibly a product more suited for pale to medium skintones. The dustiness of the formula makes it hard to build an intense effect which could render the product almost useless on certain complexions. Because of this, we highly recommend you swatch in store.

Nars Douceur blush applied to cheeks

All in all, this is an extremely lovely blush. We're pretty smitten because, quite simply, it's a very, very beautiful shade. If you like subtle, delicate, neutral blushers then this is definitely one to check out.

This will no doubt - and certainly deserves to be - a much welcomed addition to many make up collections.

Nars Douceur Blush is available at counters worldwide and for £19.50

*this product was purchased by the Beauty Bite*

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Going Green

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