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The Beauty Bite: Arbonne RE9 Advanced Skincare

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Arbonne RE9 Advanced Skincare


I was a bit sceptical when I was first asked to try Arbonne's RE9 Advanced skin care range. Mainly for two reasons: Firstly, having reached my 50s, I've already tried many anti-ageing/anti-wrinkle products with limited success and, secondly, I would have to institute a regime using 5 products in both the morning and evening. I wasn't sure if I would have the patience for that. The packaging promised "visible results in 24 hours", so on the Monday I buckled down and began my 16 day trial.

Arbonne RE9 system includes a renewal serum, corrective eye cream, smoothing cleanser, regenerating toner, day creme and night creme.

I was extremely surprised on Tuesday morning when there was already a definite reduction in the fine lines around my eyes. Encouraged, I carried on with the trial and was really pleased with what happened over the next two weeks. The skin around my eyes became much smoother, the bags under my eyes were significantly reduced, plus the dark rings disappeared. The general tone of my skin improved - I do tend towards redness but after a few days of using RE9 the redness was gone and my skin tone was beautifully even. The area above my upper lip where I have vertical wrinkles (the ones I consider the real sign of ageing) became full and plump - and after 7 days, the pesky lines had disappeared completely! Furthermore, the crepey skin on my neck improved considerably and, by the end of the trial, was hardly noticeable at all.

Before I started, my only concern had been having to use 5 products twice a day, but like all routines it became routine and, after the first few days, hardly took any time at all. In fact, I came to quite enjoy the process, finding it a soothing and relaxing way to start and end the day.

After I finished the trial of RE9 I was very eager to buy it, but this proved to be surprisingly difficult. I went on the website to order it and found that I would need an Arbonne ID and PIN number, which I could get from a Consultant. I entered my details to "find a Consultant near you", only to find out there wasn't one in my area but there was a number I could call. I phoned on Monday morning, explained the situation and was told that someone would call that evening. Well, no-one called that evening. Or on Tuesday or on Wednesday. I phoned again on Thursday and a Consultant did ring me that day. She said I had arrived by an "unusual route", which was why I was having difficulties. She wasn't in my area but said she would send me an e-mail with information about how to get onto the website and buy the products. The e-mail, which was auto-generated, invited me to become an Independent Consultant, which wasn't what I wanted. I rang the Consultant and after a bit of a chat, finally managed to get the situation sorted out.
RE9 is an excellent product but if my experience of it hadn't been so good I would probably have given up trying to buy it because the overall purchasing process wasn't easy. I hope someone at Arbonne takes note. As for you, if you were interested enough by my review to try and get hold of RE9 don't be put off by my difficulties. Maybe I was just really unlucky...

So, would I recommend Arbonne's RE9? Absolutely.
Will I go on using it? Most certainly.
I can honestly say that it has worked for me. The fine wrinkles have gone and the bigger ones are clearly reduced. My skin tone is more even, my face looks much younger and my skin feels much smoother. Arbonne RE9 is an excellent product and I'm delighted to have found it.

STAR PRODUCT: If you fancy buying just one product from this range, I would highly recommend the eye cream.It really does work.

Arbonne RE9 Advanced is available from your local Arbonne consultant and the Arbonne website (prices start at £26)

*this product was a free sample obtained by the Beauty Bite*



At Wednesday, July 28, 2010 , Blogger Jennifer said...

I'm an Arbonne consultant and am more than happy to help you. I first tried Arbonne's RE9 a few months ago and was blown away. It's the best of the best. You can reach me at or visit my blog, Thanks for this great review! xo, Jen

At Wednesday, July 28, 2010 , Anonymous Kyle Newman said...

Dear Beauty Bite,

As an Arbonne Independent Consultant I am thrilled to hear that you have had such great results from using the RE9 Advanced product range. Many of my clients have reported similar experiences. I am also very disappointed to hear that you have had such a poor buying experience as a customer. One of the main reasons behind the independent consultant structure is that clients get superior one on one support and customer service, so I really am sorry that you didn't have a positive experience of that aspect of the business.

When the new client registration process is completed properly you should be given the opportunity to sign up as a preferred client for a nominal fee (£18 here in the UK), and then you get 20% of the SRP of all products for 12 months plus a whole host of other discounts and bonuses when you first sign up. It really is tremendous value. To find out more about this, please check out:

I'd also hate for anyone else to have the same buying experience as you, so if anyone doesn't know an Arbonne Independent Consultant near them I'd be very happy to tell them more about the product range and help them find the right products for them. Arbonne products are available in the US, Candada, Australia and the UK.

Thanks again for the rave product review Beauty Bit, check out the Detox Spa range next, it's superb!

Tel: +44 (0)845 0181031
London, UK


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