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The Beauty Bite: Ted Baker Skinwear

Monday, 4 July 2011

Ted Baker Skinwear

This summer sees the release of two limited edition Skinwear fragrances by british clothing store Ted Baker. Adorned in beautifully illustrated bird prints taken directly from this seasons latest collection, each 100ml Eau De Toilette was both designed, created and inspired with warm and sunny weather in mind. Perfect for wear in either a sweltering city or tropical island paradise.

My favourite is without a doubt the male scent; a cool and spicy mix of lavender, pepper and basil with deep base notes of cedarwood and patchouli. Initially my boyfriend was unsure about the vibrancy of blend, but like me, has become somewhat hooked on the dusky, subtle tones achieved after an hour of wear. Thankfully , due to the lightness of both apple and lemon peel, this scent is easy to wear both day and night, making the £24 price tag brilliant value for money. Whilst the packaging mightn't be the most masculine, it is very, very pretty, and though my boyfriend might be neutral to its charm, I think it looks downright gorgeous on our bathroom shelf.

Equally as lovely is the female scent, simply entitled Woman. With blends of ylang, cedarwood, basil and rose, in general this fragrance is noticeably rich when compared to my usual tastes. Again, like the mens formula, I find these tones to be at their most appealing an hour or so into wear. The top note of Lily of The Valley becomes more delicate and soft, making the aroma both understated and clean. Ultimately this comes across as a very girly scent, and encapsulates the aromas of summer gardens and balmy nights perfectly. Whilst this isn't the kind of scent I usually opt for, it works wonders during the day when paired with a pretty sundress and ocean blue skies.

Beautifully packaged, easy to wear and reasonably priced considering both their size and brand name, these would make fantastic gifts during the summer months. Fresh, fruity, fragrant and young, these are well worth a spray if you like your scents punchy and bright.

Ted Baker Skinwear is available from selected department stores nationwide and for £24.

*this product was a free sample obtained by the Beauty Bite*



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