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The Beauty Bite: New CID i-Volumise Mascara

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

New CID i-Volumise Mascara

When it comes to lashes my views are simple; I want them bloomin' big.

Whilst others may search for curl or definition, I constantly find myself attracted to tubes emblazoned with the words "1000% MORE LENGTH!", "FOR LASHES SO LONG YOU'LL NEED A TAPE MEASURE!" OR "CRIKEY! THIS FORMULA WILL MAKE YOU LOOK SO GOOD YOU'LL ACTUALLY FANCY YOURSELF!" Which is why it comes as no surprise to learn I was a right eager beaver to check out this root boosting affair...

i-Volumise by New CID is a chunky little thing. Packaged in a futuristic pearly white tube, this mascara sells itself on it's "revolutionary 2-in-1 brush". If you struggle with the size of Benefit's Bad Gal wand then this product will definitely test you further, mainly because it's bloody HUGE!

Whilst one side of the genius wand loads your lashes generously with thick helpings of formula, a svelte and nifty separating comb pulls through the hairs to insure your application stays free from unsightly clumps. Whilst the texture of the mascara is quite wet to begin with, I found the product dried moderately quickly, leaving my lashes light and lifted with a faint flirty curl.



Claiming to offer both "huge volume" and "exceptional definition", I do feel a tad let down by the overall results. Don't get me wrong, I actually really, really like this mascara - it wears like a complete pro and gives the most gorgeous framing to the eyes - it just perhaps isn't quite the product I was expecting it to be.

For day to night use i-Volumise is definitely a contender for the make up bag; the brush is fun to use, the results are super speedy (the above picture is just 1 coat of product), plus it holds up remarkably well under warmer weather conditions (though it will need topping up occasionally to keep the 'Oomph!'). I'm just a bit sad it doesn't add a tad more thickness to the tips, then I'd be a seriously smitten.

i-Volumise Mascara is available from selected retailers worldwide and for £18.

*this product was a free sample obtained by the Beauty Bite*

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At Tuesday, April 26, 2011 , Blogger Miss A said...

I actually like how it looks on your eyelashes - you're only wearing one coat but your lashes look super dark, long and quite thick.

I love the packaging too (and the brush!). Looks very professional.

This is on my 'gotta buy' list now :-)


At Tuesday, April 26, 2011 , Blogger Nomadic D. said...

I agree, I think it looks great. Maybe a tad more natural than what you're looking for, but I still like it nonetheless.

At Tuesday, April 26, 2011 , Blogger dani@callitbeauty said...

throwing around the words "huge volume" and "exceptional definition" are always a bit dangerous, no? these will do ZILCH for me, but you have such gorgeous lashes that it makes yours look just lovely :).

At Tuesday, April 26, 2011 , Blogger The Student's Guide To Nail Polish said...

Woah, that brush is a monster!

It looks good on you! I like it. Probably not eighteen quids worth of like, though.


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