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The Beauty Bite: Jason Cocking @ Lisa Shepherd

Monday, 28 March 2011

Jason Cocking @ Lisa Shepherd

There are two things you need to know about Jason Cocking:

1.) He doesn't like drinking water.
2.) He's a bloody amazing with hair.

Although he asked me very nicely not to include a picture of himself in this article, I decided I simply had to - after all, this man is like the Jimmy Saville of hair (don't worry, he doesn't shuffle around the salon wearing a shell suit and puffing cigars...) because if your cut and style just isn't working then Jason'll fix it. And then fix it some more. And then fix it a tad extra until your barnet starts looking like it belongs to a movie star. Do you hear me boys and girls, a movie star!

With over 15 years experience in the industry, his scissors have graced the locks of celebrities such as Cat Deeley and the Olsen twins to name but a few. I was fortunate enough to see him down at his London base - The Lisa Shepherd Salon in Mortimer Street - to get my very own cut and dye with the king of colour.

As someone who has been unhappy with their barnet for years, I simply cannot stress enough how much of an improvement Jason made to my hair. Rocking up to his chair with a tangled brassy blonde mess of a mop, Mr. Cocking gave me the sun kissed, lifted colour I've longed for daily these past 3 years. Informing me that my hair was stripped of protein, not moisture, he was able to steer me towards the right products I need to insure my crowing glory remains just so. It was hugely refreshing talking to a professional who not only really knows their craft, but is able to explain it in such a humorous, friendly and extremely accessible manner.

That night I left Jason's capable hands feeling a million dollars. Even though it was pouring with rain outside and I'd forget to pack my umbrella, I strutted the whole walk home happy in the knowledge that my-now-soaking-locks were in their best condition for years. Several weeks on and my boyfriend still repeatedly tells me how great my tresses look, something which is obvious thanks to the cut maintaining its beautiful bounce and shape. Now that's what I call a Fix It!

If you're in London and having a bit of hair crisis then Jason is definitely your man. Trust me, he'll make you look so good you'll want to buy him a drink as a thank you - just make sure it's something a bit stronger than tap water...

If you fancy getting your hair seen to by Jason Cocking, you can get all rates and information here.



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where's the picture???


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