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Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Cosmo Blog Awards: Vote For The Beauty Bite!

I can't quite believe I'm writing this: The Beauty Bite has made its way into the final 19 of Cosmopolitan's Best New Beauty Blogs 2011. Thank you everyone - Excuse me whilst I freak out for a moment!!!

But the work's not over yet! If you think The Beauty Bite deserves to make its way in to the final round then please, please, please vote for us. Simply click this link here, pop in your e-mail address and get voting! You need to go through all 14 categories before your selections are submitted, but don't worry if you don't have a favourite in some rounds, just click through to the next group until you reach the end.

Thank you to everyone who sent in a nomination - this was completely unexpected and something I never dreamed would happen in a million years! There are some cracking sites in all of the groups this year so make sure your favourite has a green tick by it. So please, please, please, if you think this blog deserves it, send us a vote!!!! You guys are all legends - I cannot thank you enough!


Monday, 19 September 2011



Things are getting exciting right now at Beauty Bite HQ: not only do we have a fantastic John Frieda competition coming up, but also a brand spanking new website getting ready to launch any day soon! Things will be a little bit quiet as we work hard to switch over to our new server smoothly, but hopefully normal proceedings will be back on track by the end of the week. So far the process hasn't been exactly plain sailing - damn you, technology!

Check back in a couple of days and let me know what you think!


Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Elemis Think Pink Beauty Kit

Created exclusively for breast cancer awareness month, skincare lovelies Elemis have launched the brilliant Think Pink Beauty Kit: a bold travel case filled with Pro Collagen Marine Cream (15ml), Skin Nourishing Shower Cream (50ml) and 'Boob Tube': a daily pro collagen treatment for the neck and bust.

Retailing at £29.90, with this collection Elemis are donating £10,000 to Breast Cancer Care, a wonderful charity working tirelessly to provide both vital information and support to those affected. Designed for a great cause and featuring products that genuinely work, the Think Pink Beauty Kit is a brilliant and worthy buy.

You can buy the Elemis Think Pink Beauty Kit by clicking here. Please visit for more information on the charity, how-to-donate and breast cancer awareness month.

GlossyBox September - CONTENTS REVEAL!

I made my feelings about GlossyBox pretty clear a couple of months ago: eager new company with plenty of kinks. After a somewhat disappointing second box - accompanied by the news of a £2.95 price increase - it seems a large percentage of customers are basing the future of their subscriptions on the quality of this: September's slightly more expensive offering. I was lucky enough to receive a preview box last week: so how does it fair? If you don't want to know the contents then look away now!

The theme is Future Classics, and inside I found:

HD Brows: Vamp Palette
Having only launched onto the market last month, this palette has already become a much loved part of my make up collection. Containing a selection of 4 matte powders suitable for use as either eyeliner, eye shadow or long lasting brow colour, this kit provides you with clean, sharp definition that literally stays put all day. Although I was sent the palette for dark hair I've managed to make the colours work for me and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! To me, out of all the items contained, this certainly fits the brief of "future classics" the best. This is a full sized product and retails at £19.95. Call HD Brows to order.

Moa: The Green Balm
This tiny, tiny pot of organic natural goodness is one of my favourite things included this month. Suitable for use on all areas of the body, this smooth hydrating balm packs a bright minty zing twinned with a thoroughly soothing texture. If you aren't signed up to GlossyBox and like chemical free skincare then definitely check this out online. A 15ml container retails for £4.99.

Plum By Mary Greenwell: Eau de Parfum
This 1.5ml sample will probably be a love or hate affair depending on your taste for rich scents. Created by top make up artist Mary Greenwell, this perfume packs quite the punch thanks to its vivid blend of lemon, peach and tuberose to name but a few. To me the scent is wonderfully strong and sophisticated. Although it isn't the usual type of fragrance I go for, it eventually mutes down to a lovely lingering tone on the skin. A 100ml bottle retails for £90.

Neal and Wolf: Harmony Intensive Hair Treatment
The second full sized product of the box, Neal and Wolf's Harmony is designed to repair damaged hair using a series of intense conditioners. So far I've been suitably impressed but am interested to see if the results improve with prolonged use. A 200ml bottle retails for £12.95

Dead Sea Spa Magik: Salt Brushing
As well as receiving 2 x 50ml sachets of this award winning exfoliator, GlossyBox also provided me a 25% discount code for my next purchase from Shop For Spa. This is currently the only item out of the 5 I am yet to try out, but the promise of smooth, hydrated and rejuvenated skin sounds rather lovely. Currently on Amazon 500g of this product retails for £10.20.

Overall I've been impressed with GlossyBox's September offering. Whilst items such as body salts are never going to truly capture my imagination, the inclusion of brand new offerings from the likes of HD Brows and Moa have opened up my eyes to a couple of brilliant companies. Whilst I'd still like to see a few more boxes before I fully give GlossyBox a big recommended thumbs up, the quality of this ensemble has so far righted a few wrongs. As for the price hike? If things stay at this level then fair enough. I know I'd rather have a 200ml hair mask than a mini batiste. As long as consistency can remain - between both the monthly content and what each customer receives - GlossyBox has the potential to become treasured by all types of beauty fans. Perhaps even a cynical one like me.

Learn more about GlossyBox here.

Friday, 9 September 2011

Miss Ballantyne's Organic Red Raspberry Face Cream

I have a lot of time for Miss Ballantyne's beautifully produced skincare. Handmade in Edinburgh, you won't find a single chemical or artificial scent in these natural, often fair trade and organically sourced lotions. My sister gifted me this incredible face cream for my birthday a few months ago and I'm literally obsessed; who knew cheeks could feel so soft?!

There's just 3 simple things you need to know about this product:
1: It smells amazing.
2: It absorbs amazing.
3: It is amazing.

Plus, it offers your face nature's very own UVA filter: raspberries! OK, so it's not officially certified sun protection but as far as natural, handmade products go, I think it's the bees knees in terms of quality, price and performance. Leaving the complexion looking outrageously smooth, it's an ideal base for make up application.

Organic Raspberry Face Cream Swatched/ lightly sheered out

If you fancy trying out a pot for yourself, simply request a personalised blend by contacting Miss Ballantyne through her etsy shop here. Offering reasonably priced world wide shipping, she can also conjure up your very own made to measure product, mixing ingredients picked especially to tackle any requests you put her way. A brilliant and wonderfully affordable present idea.

If you're into skincare, Miss Ballantyne is definitely a band wagon to jump on. She now even makes beautifully packaged organic lip tints and cheek highlighters - something I'm very eager to try out.

You can order a custom blend/ request product by Miss Ballantyne via her etsy shop. Alternatively, you can pick up anything from toners, to soap, to face creams via Curiouser & Curiouser. Prices run between £3.50 and £12.

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Thursday, 8 September 2011

Armani Eyes To Kill Mascara

Rarely I stumble upon a product I really love from the word go, yet in Armani's Eyes To Kill mascara I've found my soul mate. My fluttery, long lashed soul mate.

Using microfil technology to swiftly create an enviable false lash appearance, this generous, elegant brush has transformed my search for statement eyes into a mere 2 coat application. Opting for a single light layer to take me throughout the day, I simply load up after work and gaze in awe at my big, black, beautifully framed eyes. I FREAKIN' LOVE IT!

Providing more visible length than thickness, this is ideal for those who want weightless, fluttery lashes within a matter of moments. Long lasting, non flaking and beautifully smooth to apply, this is a dream formula for clump free application.


After 1 coat of Eyes To Kill:

Priced at $30/ £23.50 a tube, this is a pricey yet wonderfully worthy addition to any mascara wardrobe. If you're a fan of YSL Faux Cils than this will be right up your street.

Armani Eyes To Kill Mascara is available from giorgioarmanibeauty-usa and for $30/£23.50.

*this product was a free sample obtained by the Beauty Bite*

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Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Liz Earle Sheer Skin Tint SPF15

It's been a labour of love. Having spent over 3 years in the making, this Thursday (September 8th) sees the official launch of the much anticipated debut make up product from skincare goddess Liz Earle. Ladies, please welcome Sheer Skin Tint:

Containing ingredients such as avocado and vitamin E to name but a few, this rich base is somewhat thick in texture, rapidly setting against the skin making initial application tricky to blend. Best worked in with your finger tips, after a few days use I was able to get the clean, even finish I desire, but be warned - this thing can be hard to budge after 10 seconds on the skin so always work quickly.

Liz Earle Sheer Skin Tint in 01 Bare swatched/ lightly sheered out

Available in 3 sheer shades (01 Bare, 02 Beige and 03 Beach) I sit comfortably within the pale bracket of 01. When applied onto the face the slight yellow tone warms up the complexion whilst gently muting down any areas of excessive redness. Whilst its not enough to mask the rosy flush of my cheeks, it does a sterling job at pulling together my colouring, creating a fresher, brighter and healthier appearance to the skin.

Liz Earle Sheer Skin Tint 01 applied to bare skin (no other make up except mascara)

Providing what's essentially light to semi-medium coverage, Liz Earle Sheer Skin Tint offers mineral UV protection of SPF 15. I find the finish is generally more dewy than overly reflective or greasy, adding a subtle trace of luminosity to the skin which I can't help but adore. The neutral, somewhat bland smell will either be a hit or miss depending on how you feel about scented foundations. Personally I like it. 5 minutes after application I can no longer feel, smell or see any trace of product - exactly what you want in any good foundation.

Extreme close up of product on skin

Priced at a rather reasonable £21 for 40ml, this is a superb addition to the Liz Earle line and something I can envision many women snapping up to trial. Due to the thickness in its texture I can see this working well for a majority of age ranges. Sliding onto the skin providing all day beautiful, glowing coverage that doesn't accentuate pores or dry patches, it also leaves the face feeling silky smooth after removal. In other words - I bloody love it!

Liz Earle Sheer Skin Tint launches on Thursday 8th September. Check out the website for details on how to pre-order.

*this product was a free sample obtained by the Beauty Bite*

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Thursday, 1 September 2011

Bobbi Brown Natural Brow Shaper

OK. So on paper this might look like the most boring piece of make up ever made, but before you nod off to sleep just hear me out for a minute or two...

Bobbi Brown Natural Brow shaper is a creamy gel formula available in 4 universal shades. Whilst I'm not a huge fan of the coloured versions (the chances of getting an exact tonal match are pretty slim) the clear mix is an ideal tool for taming and smoothing mischievous brows. I used this at the weekend for my sister's wedding and partied into the night with a beautifully clean and controlled shape thanks to this hugely handy fixing gel. Priced at £13.50, this is one of the cheaper items on the Bobbi stand but by no means any lesser in quality.

Bobbi Brown Natural Brow Shaper is available from Bobbi Brown counters worldwide and for £13.50

*this item was purchased by the Beauty Bite*
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Saturday, 27 August 2011

Nude Skincare - The Best Products For Oily Skin

After receiving many messages requesting coverage of products designed specifically for oily skin (as opposed to my dry/combination needs) I headed straight for the e-mail and contacted my favourite skincare company, NUDE. A few days later a couple of oil busting beauties arrived in the safe hands of my lovely friend Ellie. I left her to play with them for a month before chatting about the formulas, textures - and most importantly - results. If you're prone to excess oil than this one's for you!

Moisture Balance - £48/40ml
"THANK YOU!" was the greeting I got when me and Ellie first checked in. She's a mum, in her late twenties and has suffered from break outs since she was a teen. "I genuinely can't remember the last moisturiser I tried that didn't cause my face to erupt into a mountain of spots." Containing calming ingredients such as seaweed and liquorice to help soothe the skin, this refreshing gel combats the signs of ageing whilst keeping the skin hydrated yet free from excess oils. "It's extremely sheer which helps a lot. I find thicker, richer textures are too much and will always make my skin feel weighed down and greasier. This is light and breathable without being at all drying. It's just nice to not feel self conscious about looking shiny when I'm wandering round the supermarket."

Moisture Balance swatched/ blended

The texture absorbs at a helpfully lively pace, allowing the gel to be liberally applied both morning and night to ensure the best possible results are achieved. A month later and Ellie is still a fan. "The very top of my forehead still gets the odd bout of grease, but it's nothing compared to what I used to have. Also, my pores aren't clogged which makes a huge difference to the overall look of my skin. It's a very easy gel to use and takes no time at all, which is good for me because I have more important things to do then faff about waiting for my face to dry. My t-zone isn't anywhere near as shiny as it was a few weeks ago, plus the surface feels a lot smoother. I've had a few spots but none on my cheeks, which is a very rare thing for me. I do feel awkward spending nearly fifty quid on my skin, but lord knows how much money I've spent on rubbish over the years. If this fixes things for me then I guess it's worth it, I'll just have to see how I feel when the bottle runs out! So far it's a big thumbs up!"

Cleansing Facial Wash - £14/ 100ml

Ideal for use on normal to combination skin, this delicate gel cleanser swiftly wipes away all traces of stubborn make up. Transforming into a gorgeous refreshing foam when massaged into a wet face, NUDE Cleansing Facial Wash will leave your complexion blissfully squeaky clean. Fantastic for use both morning and night, the gentle ingredients in this award winning formula - such as aloe vera and moringa - are perfect for calming down oily skin.

Cleansing Facial Wash pumped from bottle

Both myself and Ellie have fallen head over heels in love with this product - it performs beautifully, leaves the skin feeling remarkably soft, plus won't break the bank at only £14 for 100ml; enough to last up to a good 4 months.
"Whilst this didn't change my skin as dramatically as the Moisture Balance, I really did enjoy using it. It didn't leave my face feeling tight or stingy which can sometimes happen with cleansers. This is something I can see myself using a lot."

If you've read about NUDE before but felt the products weren't suitable for your skin type then hopefully this will cover any gaps. Another friend with oily to combination skin is testing out a range of Liz Earle products as we speak, so expect a full review later next month.

Nude Moisture Balance and Cleansing Facial Wash are available from Space NK, John Lewis and

*these products were free samples obtained by the Beauty Bite*

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Thursday, 25 August 2011

Becca Opal Shimmering Skin Perfector

"YOU STUPID WOMAN!" were the scathing words I shouted at myself when I realised I'd yet to feature this product on The Beauty Bite. You see, this isn't just some tube I have lying about my make up stash - this is something I use on a weekly basis, sometimes daily if the mood takes me. This is one of my favourite products of all time.

Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector is a cult classic. Available in 6 easy to wear shades (the colours apply sheer, adding just a hint of warmth or coolness to the skin), this water based moisturiser is packed full of light diffusing particles that instantly reduce imperfections whilst providing the complexion with a healthy, natural glow. Suitable for use on its own or over make up, the added benefit of SPF 20 transforms this product into a one stop shop of sun care, hydration, light coverage and subtle radiance - perfect for those who adore the always-in-fashion-'barely there'-look.

Opal Shimmering Skin Perfector swatched/ lightly sheered out

With super fine mica particles helping to create an up lifting glow I'm addicted to mixing this in with my daily foundation, providing the skin with an extra dose of healthy looking sheen. With added ingredients such as vitamins A, B, D and E, the skincare benefits of this product stand pretty high too, helping to both aid tissue repair and stimulate collagen renewal. No, your skin won't look 10 years younger by slathering this onto your face, but it will appear fresher, brighter and wonderfully pampered.

Extreme close up of product on skin

Incredibly versatile in its usage, this product can be applied in a whole manner of ways: on its own as a blemish reducing base/ set with powder for a semi matte glow/ dotted along the cheek bone as a decadent highlight/ mixed with concealer to instantly lift the under eye/ layered over primer for an ultimate dewy finish - the options are endless. Priced at £32 for a 50ml tube, this product lasts a long time thanks to the small amount of cream needed to provide both radiance and coverage to the entire face. If you're a fan of clean, understated make up then a Shimmering Skin Perfector is a must. I'm already saving up for the Pearl to help me get through the winter months...

Becca Opal Shimmering Skin Perfector is available from selected stockists worldwide and for £32.

*this product was purchased by the Beauty Bite*

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