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The Beauty Bite: Shu Uemura Instant Glow Cream

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Shu Uemura Instant Glow Cream

"What do women want? Glossy hair? Deep red lips? A mascara so lengthening it'll actually tip you over when you walk?"
"No. We want a cream. A magical cream that'll give us the skin of a fresh faced care free temptress when we are, in fact, an over worked tired mess."
"Wonderful. We'll get to work on it straight away!"

I'm 99% sure these words were spoken during the research that resulted in the creation on Instant Glow - and if they weren't, then I sure as hell don't care - because this is one unbelievable piece of cosmetic creation.

Essentially used in the same way as a daily moisturiser, Instant Glow also works as a prolonged radiance treatment with expected results of smaller pores, healthier skin and a renewed complexion in just 4 weeks. Inspired by the glow of the stage, the formula is developed around the latest technology in combating fatigued skin, including the use of Meadow Foam Seed Oil to beat surface roughness.

Already loved by make up artists worldwide, this cream literally has "cult status" stamped all over it.

Product sheered out on skin

I've been using this every morning for the last 3 weeks and have become well and truly hooked. Not only does it leave my skin soft, hydrated and supple but I've also seen a real change in the overall luminosity of my complexion. An application of Instant Glow followed by a few lashing of mascara has now become my work staple, and even in the harsher weather of Autumn I haven't found my skin becoming patchy or uneven when exposed to the elements.

Containing what looks like tiny exfoliating beads, when sheered out Instant Glow visually awakens the skin and leaves a noticeable all over radiance. Although this highlighting effect does disappear after an hour or so of wear, the face itself continues to catch the light better due to the tiny particles (that can be vaguely seen in the picture above) contained within the formula.

Close up view of skin around 10 minutes after product application

If you're interested then be warned: this product sells out quickly - and by quickly, I mean QUICKLY. If you live by a SpaceNK then consider that your first stop of call (although their website is, once again, out of stock) yet quieter Shu Uemura counters should have a few bottles hidden away. Although it took me nearly a fortnight to finally get my hands on a tube, it was most certainly worth the extra effort.

Quick absorbing, beautifully scented and true to it's claims - this really is a glowing beacon amongst a whole storm of skin care.

Shu Uemura Instant Glow is available from selected retailers worldwide and for £35

*This product was purchased by the Beauty Bite*

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At Tuesday, October 19, 2010 , Blogger MINAKICHU said...

Well written review! So tempting to try but the problem is it's hard to find:-)

At Tuesday, October 19, 2010 , Blogger Jenni said...

lol i've seen so many MU artists saying they love this item! *jot notes* surely i have to check this out at Shu counters later!


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