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The Beauty Bite: Giorgio Armani Face Fabric Radiance

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Giorgio Armani Face Fabric Radiance

It seems we're always chasing that glow. Whether it be highlighters, illuminators or reflective particles, our skin loves nothing more than a bit of sparkle. Yet with the pressures of a stressful job, we're frequently finding ourselves running out of time to carefully sculpt our cheeks into beautiful beacons of light. After all, who said looking gorgeous was easy?

That's why we've been literally counting down the days to get hold of this: Giorgio Armani's Face Fabric Radiance.

Already huge fans of the original Face Fabric formula, this lightweight foundation promises to give the same 'skin like' effect, yet with the added bonus of an exclusive 3D Micro Fil light fluid pigmentation. In other words: this is pure liquid radiance in a tube.

Face Fabric Radiance No1 swatched/blended

Currently available in just 3 shades (bare, golden & warm), we picked up No1 - a fair tone with an indulgent pearly shimmer. A tad too dark for our uber pale complexion, we can just about get away with this streak free due to our slightly sun kissed features - how it'll fair in winter months though, is yet to be seen. Armani as a brand is usually quite diverse in it's base range, so it frustrates us to no end to see a restricted choice on this product; simply for the fact that we really love what it can do.

Face Fabric Radiance No1 moderately applied to bare skin

Upon application the skin instantly appears more luminous. The cream to powder blend effortlessly fills ever nook and cranny with gorgeous, glowing coverage providing the wearer with a smooth, evened out skin tone. Easy to apply by either brush, sponge or fingers - this foundation certainly offers that elusive brightening effect.

Extreme close up of product on skin

Amongst the humidity and sweat of recent weeks, we've found this formula to last around 7 hours until we craved a "top up". On our skin the original face fabric confidently lasts all day, so we're hoping when the heat dies down this will effortlessly equal it's elder sibling's stamina. Like all shimmer based products, any large pores, spots or dryness may be prone to standing out when covered with reflective particles. We found a dusting of setting powder helped calm down any problem areas and create an all over polished appearance.

Face Fabric Radiance No1 heavily applied and finished with setting powder

Face Fabric is one of the most popular foundations in Hollywood simply due to it's semi- airbrushed finish. Although Radiance mightn't achieve as flawless - or natural - an effect, it most definitely gives luminosity to the max. When we're short on time we're positive that just a single layer of this base will give the inner glow we always crave. For that, we couldn't love it more.

If you're skin confident and someone who loves their shimmer, then go for it - this really is a great base. We've tried it out on oily, dry and combination complexions and have yet to experience any problems with coverage or staying power. If you're able to swatch in store then we highly recommend you do, purely due to the limitations of shades.

Armani Face Fabric is available at counters internationally and shortly to buy online at at £29 for 40ml.

*this product was purchased by the Beauty Bite*

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At Thursday, August 05, 2010 , Blogger Make-up Junkie said...

Such a lovely product from Armani! Looks beautiful on you. BTW - you have perfect skin!


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