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The Beauty Bite: MAC To The Beach - Temperature Rising Lip Pencil

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

MAC To The Beach - Temperature Rising Lip Pencil

On paper MAC's summer collection certainly didn't grab us by any means. However, just one glance at the products in-store and our wish list grew from a single measly item to a purse shattering 9. Fiddle sticks.

One piece we'd completely dismissed was the 'Temperature Rising' lip pencil. Online it terrified us. We had visions of putting it on only to step out onto the street to be greeted with small children crying, grown men shrieking and the elderly just staring. You know, in that deeply cutting way that only the elderly can do so well.

Anyway, things changed when our regular MAC girl painted it onto our lips and the spirit of Debbie Harry filled our body (We know she's not dead. At the time it was about 5am east coast so we can only assume we merely borrowed it whilst she was sleeping.)

swatched heavily

In just a couple of strokes we were transformed. Our internal monologue switched from "Please don't look at my face. Please don't look at my face" to "PEOPLE, WHAT ARE YOU DOING??? LOOK AT MY FACE!!!!"

Temperature Rising applied to bare lips

As you can see, this colour simply doesn't do subtle. If you're feeling bold and brash then this lip pencil sure as hell wants to join you on the ride. Since getting it home we've been dressing it up with Bobbie Brown's Tangerine Lip Gloss.

It's quite pigmented for a Bobbi gloss and works beautifully alongside the pencil. Our only complaint is that the texture is very sticky. If we didn't love the colour so much we probably would have given this away by now.

Temperature Rising and Tangerine Gloss - both swatched heavily

The shades layered together really make the lips EXPLODE with colour. If you're looking for an intense, dramatic, confident night time lip then this would certainly do the job. It's a real statement and, as long as you've got the guts to pull it off, would work perfectly with most skin tones.

Temperature Rising layered with Tangerine Lip Gloss

We got about 4 hours wear from the pencil. If you fancy rocking it then make sure you pack it in your handbag. Because the colour is so fierce any gaps - however small - become extremely noticeable. Frequent top ups are most certainly to be expected.

This shade is limited edition and has already sold out at our local store. If you fancy taking the plunge then do so quickly - it's not going to hang around for long!

MAC Temperature Rising is available at for £10. Bobbi Brown Tangerine Lip Gloss is available from at £14 for 4.2ml.

*these products were purchased by the Beauty Bite*

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