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The Beauty Bite: Clinique Almost Bronzer SPF15

Sunday, 6 June 2010

Clinique Almost Bronzer SPF15

Bronzer, bronzer, bronzer - why can't we just get along?

A couple of weeks ago we were lucky enough to pick up a free sample of Clinique's SPF packed Almost Bronzer. Available in two colour combos, we opted for shade 1 - an oil free mixture designed for all types of light to medium skin.

Complete with it's very own dainty brush, Almost Bronzer is a gorgeous matte effect powder designed to give the most subtle of sun kissed glows.
"Wonderful!" we shrieked - but not even Nostradamus could've predicted just how "subtle" that subtle would be.

Tones blended together/ light tone/ dark tone

This is literally ten(!) layers of product. In all our years we've never worked with a bronzer lacking so much body - this formula just doesn't seem to want to build. And as for the little brush? It's as useful as repeatedly poking yourself in the eye.

Applied onto cheek using large fluffy brush

After we switched over to a fluffy face blender we decided to layer the product onto the cheek area. As you can see from the photo above, the powder can appear somewhat flat and cakey in sections prone to dryness. Our skin is normally in pretty good condition so we were quite surprised that it turned so dusty. However, it did stay put for around 7 hours in very sweaty temperatures.

It took five separate swirls of the brush to create this effect. Although it's a time consuming product to apply, we were pleased with the sun kissed tone it left. We can't really imagine how this colour would work on warmer skin tones - if you do fancy checking out this product we'd strongly advise you opt for the medium to dark mix. It's slightly more pigmented.

At £22 for 9grams there a far better - and cheaper - bronzers on the market. If you're ultra pale and want to find a product that won't turn your skin muddy then this will certainly work wonders. Just be warned though, you'll need a lot of patience to get the best results that this powder has to offer.

(p.s If anyone has this then please let us know what you think - other online reviews seem to be very hit and miss - we trust all you Beauty Biters to tell it like it is!)

Clinique Almost Bronzer is available worldwide and from for £22.

*this product was a free sample obtained by the Beauty Bite*

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At Sunday, June 06, 2010 , Blogger Monika @ RocailleWrites said...

Sounded very interesting as a concept, but it being so sheer, I think I would just throw this bronzer through the length of my room in frustration.

At Sunday, June 06, 2010 , Blogger The Beauty Bite said...

Haha! It's so funny you say that because we nearly did - it takes SO LONG to build! Who knew bronzer could make people violent?!



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