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The Beauty Bite: Bobbi Brown SPF15 Tinted Moisturizer

Thursday, 27 May 2010

Bobbi Brown SPF15 Tinted Moisturizer

Like the gawky kid who bloomed into the Facebook stud ("Tim?! I remember when he used to wet himself.") , the dreary British weather has decided to proudly let it's natural beauty shine. It may be 93 million miles away, but that big old ball of fire sure loves to cause havoc with our skin; with sun comes heat, and with heat comes sweat, and with sweat comes slippery make up. Woo hoo!

So dear friends, please meet Bobbi Brown SPF15: a tinted moisturizer packed with 50ml of sheer sun protection in an array of 8 glorious shades.

Presented in a glossy plastic tube, the product is dispensed via a black raised nozzle. The smell is a strange mixture of what appears to be sunscreen and cucumber. At first the whiff is a bit overwhelming, yet with each use it falls slowly into tolerable territory. Let's just say, if this smell was a person we wouldn't mind them sitting next to us on the bus. Just not for the whole journey.

Smells aside though, the application of the product is truly faultless. No streaks. No patches. No dryness. We blended it in using our fingers and were suitably pleased with the sheer natural finish it gave - ideal for showing off freckles!

Swatched/ Blended

We tried out the second shade; 'extra light tint.' As you can see above, against our complexion it appears a tad orange. There is a lighter shade available for those with very pale tones, as well as a decent choice of medium, dark and deep tints. Bobbi is great at making sure as many customers as possible are covered in her range, so this should be a general crowd pleaser.

At £26 this isn't the cheapest choice. However, at 50ml, the bottle will last you ages. With the added advantage of SPF, this base offers sheer, gentle coverage to even out skin tone and add that must lusted after 'sun kissed glow.' It stays put for around 8 hours in cooler conditions, yet expect wear of 4-5 in sweatier climates.

If you like your foundation thick - then this is a no go. But if you're comfortable with the natural look then this is a fantastic base that will work beautifully all year round. Not a true knock out, but certainly worth a look in. Highly recommended.

Bobbi Brown SPF15 is available internationally at Bobbi Brown counters and for £26.

*this product was purchased by The Beauty Bite*

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